Can't make it to prom? Do you love the idea? Do you believe in the charity? Do you enjoy giving? Do you know someone who will benefit from this charity? Whatever your reason to donate, we appreciate your support. 


Donations can be made monetarily or in the form of goods or services.


Do you own your own baking business and want to gain exposure? You can donate your products for our dessert table in exchange for sponsorship. 


Are you in Direct Sales/Multi-level marketing? This is the perfect opportunity to advertise by donating your products for door prizes! 


Have something you would like to donate? Fill out the form below and let us know. We would be so grateful for your generosity! This is a wonderful opportunity to share your business, heart and passion with the community while giving back. 


*Donations will be accepted and processed in the order in which they are received. Exclusivity is given to MLM or direct sale companies if you donate at the Sophomore level or higher before another member of the company.*  


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